How To Retrieve Your National Identification Number (NIN) On Your Phone

Retrieve national identification number (NIN)

National Identity Card is one way you can be recognized as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the card a section called NIN (which is your unique identity). This article reveals how to retrieve national identification number (NIN).

Have you parted with your National ID card and want to use your NIN? See how to retrieve your NIN below.

How to retrieve National Identification Number on phone

The solution was revealed by NIMC for those who might have probably parted with their National ID card but needed the NIN for urgent purpose.

NOTE: You can only retrieve your NIN if you had done your NIMC registration. If not, visit the nearest NIMC office around you.

Step #1. Dial *346# on your phone (only works on MTN and Airtel network).

Step #2. Proceed by selecting 1 which costs you just N20 airtime.

It must be the number you registered your NIMC with. Else, it won’t give you any data.

NOTE: Your NIN is your identity. Don’t just reveal it anyhow to anyone.

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